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HellaPlus is a custom easy to set up dashboard built on top of the Daraja API. Its features include:

General Features

  1. Manage multiple shortcodes. No limit.
  2. View transactions in the past month or a custom date range
  3. Export transactions and customers information to PDF or Excel

Customer to Business Features

  1. View Realtime transactions as they are received,
  2. Reverse Transactions
  3. Record information of the paying client/customer,
  4. Send 'Thank You' message to the customer/client upon receiving payment,
  5. Send Promotional messages to your clients/customers

Business to Customer Features

  1. Send SMS to one or all clients/customers via the Africa's Talking SMS API
  2. Send money to a phone number through your B2C shortcode
  3. Receive confirmation B2C transaction succeeded or failed
  4. View balances of your shortcode from within the dashboard
  5. View total disbursed funds within the month or custom date range
Web Design

Manage Multiple Shortcodes from one dashboard

With this dashboard, you will be able to manage multiple shortcodes from one place.

Bennito254 Multiple Shortcodes

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